Jesper Pellijeff goes Superbike in Spain


During last week's annual motorcycle show in Stockholm, Kawasaki Sweden held a press conference.

They presented their riders in respective classes and also dropped some big news.

In the superbike category the riders will be reigning champion Jesper Pellijeff and superbike newcomer Jimmy Gällros.

Ture Adolfsson from Anderstorp will join 2018-champion Fredrik Belin in the SSP300 category.

The big news was that Jesper Pellijeff and Kawasaki Sweden have entered a collaboration with the Spanish team Fifty Motorsport, Jesper will race in both the Spanish ESBK series and the Swedish Championship.


Peter Söderholm – Kawasaki Racing Team Sweden, Team manager

"Its an amazing feeling to be a part of this journey, and that Kawasaki Sweden is part of this.
Our main focus is of course the Swedish championship, but it has been very important for us to help Jesper evolve."

The 2019 Kawaski ZX10RR Jesper will race this year.


Sergio Garcia – Fifty Motorsport, Team manager

We met Jesper for the first time two years ago, and it’s a great opportunity to finally make this deal together with Kawasaki Sweden.

What can Jesper bring to the team, and how can the team help Jesper?

SG: As soon as we saw him ride we noticed his talent, and together with our experience, we believe that Jesper is able to win the title in the Open-class SBK (SBK for riders up to 21 years old). We are a Spanish team with our head quarter near Jerez and won the title two years ago. The biggest challenge for Jesper will be to learn the new tracks. He has ridden on some of them, but there is some tracks that are completely new for him.

Why a swedish rider?

Apart from his talent.. ofcourse, we saw that on his laptimes, the nationality doesn’t matter that much today due to social medias and so on. The social network we got helps us reaching out worldwide, and because of that we have now a bigger range of riders to choose among. So, we really look forward this cooperation.

Are you looking at this as a long term project?

Of course, we see this cooperation with Kawasaki Sweden in the long terms, but it's also important not to put too much pressure on Jesper.
For the team, absolutely. For Jesper, we aim for the title 2019. That’s our priority..

We at roadracing.se think Jesper will set ESBK on fire.


Text: Dan Höijer

Foto: Mattias Lindén - Hangar18.se

Foto: Petter Reuterholt - motofoto.se

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